World Changers

World Changers
Shreveport Volunteer Orientation-1700 volunteers

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Last week in Charleston, South Carolina I was inspired by Jesse's story.  Jesse is a junior in high school from Savannah, Georgia.  For the past several years his youth group has been going to Charleston to participate in their annual Convoy of Hope outreach.  This year Jesse was volunteering in the Samaritan's Feet tent where volunteers washed the feet of the guests, prayed for them, and fitted them with new socks and shoes.

I asked Jesse what the day meant to him and he told me that it was one of the most powerful days of his life.  He was very humbled by being able to serve others.  What blew me away was his humility.  He never even told me the greatest part of his story!  I had to hear it from somebody else.  God used Jesse to lead four adult men to Christ!  One of the men that God brought to Jesse was having suicidal thoughts and God used this young man to show him the way to real that is abundant and meaningful.

I can only imagine the plans that God has for Jesse's life.  I don't really know anything more about Jesse but I think I have seen enought to know that he is somebody I want to be like.  As a young man he is bold and confident in his love for Christ.  He was not arrogant and he didn't brag about how God used him.  Great lessons for all of us!

Go for it.